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Connecting the Transitioning Military Family with the Greater Omaha Community

Excel With A Mentor

Providing all levels of mentorship with professionals within the community.

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Provide comprehensive support through legislative, education and individual support.

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Community Partnership

Partnering with community leaders, organizations and support agencies.

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Atwell Testimonial

“I was thrilled to be selected for the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program while in the Navy, but now faced the task of finding a company that was not only interested in having me for the fellowship, but also a good fit for my post-Navy career goals. Not living in the Omaha area at the time and having a small network there, I reached out to Boots & Suits United for help. Boots & Suits provided fantastic mentoring on transition and valuable insights on the Omaha job market. Most of all, they contacted local employers to gauge interest, eventually resulting in an interview that led to a fellowship. Not only was it a tremendous opportunity and learning experience for me, it ultimately led to a permanent position at that company in the career field I wanted! I can’t thank Boots & Suits enough for the crucial assistance they provided during my transition.”

Michael Atwell, CDR (Ret), US Navy
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Boots and Suits bridges the gap between your separation and next career. This all volunteer organization demystifies that last tactical mile between military life and the private sector. Throughout my transition, I have yet to find another organization that can match the resources Boots and Suits brings to the ‘fight’. This free service provides coaching on industry trends, resume reviews, interview preparation, and salary/benefit negotiation advice. My successful transition was due in large part to Boots and Suits and grateful for their support. I am ready and willing to share my experiences ranging from the transition prep to day one of my new job. Please contact Ralph M. or Barry W. for my point of contact information. Semper Fidelis.
Robert Kaminski, LTC (Retired), USMC