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Many military, veterans, and family members sometimes face an uphill battle to get important information, benefits, and actions from various government and community agencies. Our team of expert volunteers want to advocate on your behalf and break down the barriers so that you receive the services you are entitled. Many of our clients become very frustrated in “fighting the system” and give up prior to receiving satisfactory results. You will receive personal one on one service.

Please allow us to help!! We are a private non-profit organization and our services are completely FREE and CONFIDENTIAL!!!!

Some of the areas that we have extensive experience and may be able to assist are:

Veterans Benefits

  • Disability Ratings – Initial Filing, updating ratings, appeals
  • Educational – GI Bill, Vocational Rehab
  • Employment – Federal, State Government Preference
  • Wounded Warrior – Resources, Events
  • Counseling – Personal, Financial, Family and Children counseling
  • VA Home Loans – How to qualify, limitations, benefits of VA Loans
  • Survivor Benefits – What to know prior to leaving active duty and after your separation/retirement
  • Long Term Care
  • Medical – VA Medical benefits for Veterans

Military, Veteran & Family Member Assistance

  • Employment Assistance for Veterans, Spouses, other family members
  • Educational benefits for family members (GI Bill, other federal and state programs, scholarships, etc.)
  • Financial Literacy/Budget/Crisis Counseling
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Counseling
  • Family Counseling, i.e. Marital, Parenting
  • Assisting Surviving Spouses & Children

Advocating within the Government

We work with various agencies to improve your benefits, i.e., lobby local, state, and federal legislatures to continue our fight for expanding those benefits for veterans and family members.

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